Let's Talk Vegan Skincare

Vegan beauty movement has exploded in Australia. This global change – this skinsational revolution – can be tricky to wrap your head around, so we’ve got a few pointers to get you through. 

1. What Is Vegan Skincare?

In a nutshell, vegan skincare doesn’t include animal ingredients or by-products. Vegan products are made from minerals, safe synthetic ingredients and plant-based materials which can cause less irritation for some skin types.  

2. A Winning Choice For You, Our Furry Friends And The World. 

It’s not just you and the animals who will benefit from vegan skin care, opting for plant-based ingredients is better for the planet, too! 

The practice of raising and processing animals for food and other ingredients is extremely harsh on the environment. The animal agriculture industry is also a leading cause of deforestation and pollution production, so choosing vegan products helps to sustain good environmental practices and reduce our footprint on the environment.  

2. Vegan Doesn’t Always Mean Cruelty Free

If you’re purchasing vegan products, that’s a BIG tick from us! Just be mindful that not all vegan products are cruelty free, in fact some vegan products may still be tested on animals. At Sonny & Felix, we feel very passionate about ensuring our products are BOTH vegan and cruelty free, so you can rest assure you are purchasing products that are not harmful to animals and minimise the impact on the environment.

3. How Do I Know It’s Vegan? 

Just as you’d see a ‘v’ on a menu, there are three independent certification bodies that put their stamp on vegan skincare. If you see any of these names, you can be assured your products are vegan:

  • PETA 
  • The Vegan Society
  • Choose Cruelty Free 
Also, keep your eyes out for a little bunny or a big ‘VEGAN’, just like on Nude-E.